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Are Gun Free Zones Effective?


Great post. Very insightful and easy to understand! Everyone should read this.

Originally posted on RADIX Tactical:

The myth of “Gun Free Zones”

If you have visited any school, movie theater, bank, or even some restaurants in recent months, you may have been much more susceptible to a violent crime as soon as you walked through the door. In fact, the second you crossed that threshold you had a target on your back that spelled out in great big red letters “helpless victim!” And chances are you didn’t even realize it.

Let’s be honest. No one in their right mind willingly allows themselves to become a victim, let alone placing a neon flashing light that alerts would-be attackers to their vulnerability. And yet, that’s exactly what happens every time you enter somewhere that has a “gun free zone” sign posted. You see, to a criminal, disregard of the law is a norm. If it wasn’t, that person wouldn’t be a criminal. Either through willful disregard, or through…

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whirlwind of light

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Daily Dose of Classical // Day 18: Suite from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- The Flower Garden Pt. 1 by Joby Talbot

I have been obsessed with this ballet ever since I saw it a year ago. It is the perfect combination of classical and modern ballet, and Tchaikovsky classicism with Britten modernism. The composer, Joby Talbot, was commissioned to compose the music for the Royal Ballet’s production, and he did a marvelous job in my opinion. His music is very modern in its language, but still has its roots in his ballet predecessors, Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky–this is the key to a successful ballet score. It’s very melodious, but also very rich in strong rhythms, unexpected chromaticism and reoccurring themes. Talbot does a good job of capturing the whimsical, magical insanity that make the story of Alice in Wonderland so memorable. He can seemlessly transition from bitonality to a lovely lyrical adagio, and then pick the pace up with a glorious Nutcracker-esque waltz. The score is a cut above any movie soundtrack I have heard in a very long time. His is not just program music, but could certainly stand alone and be just as entertaining and beautiful, as with incidental music. THAT is what makes him a successful composer, and a very dynamic one at that. Here is a video of the Mad Hatter scenes from the ballet. How fun is this?

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ripened meadow.



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DSLR flash life hack

Alright, so I just made a discovery, and I thought it worth sharing! I placed a business card up in front of my DSLR flash to see how it would affect the lighting of a picture in a completely dark room. The first picture shows the picture with a normal flash, which is usually try to avoid at ALL costs. Without something for the light to bounce off of, the flash is unnatural-looking and harsh.

DSC_0635Now, here’s two pictures with the same settings, but with the business card in front. I love how unobtrusive the flash is now! The colors are lovely, natural, and warm!! I didn’t edit any of these pictures. They could be a little brighter in terms of exposure, but I just wanted to show the raw differences. What do you think?

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Blending boundaries

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